• PLC-FL250W-B6


    • High Lumen: 90~120lm/w
    • LED Chip: CREE LED Chip
    • Best Driver: Meanwell Driver
    • Power Factor: >0.99
    • IP Class: IP65
    • Working Temperature: -30~+50°
    • No mercury
    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Life Span: 50,000hours

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    PHLICHI LED flood lights apply for latest technology to make high quality lighting style, which results in a more comfortable and safer driving environment, which can lead to improved traffic flow and reduced accidents.

    • Adopt unique FIN type heat dissipation structure and Lampshade uniform cooling design, combined with three gears and zipped-fin technology to have high-efficiency heat dissipation.
    • Tempered glass cover to protect light source and make sure light transmittance over 93%.
    • Using silicone, IP class can be IP65.
    • Anti-corrosion, can work in corrosive environment.
    • Wide-angle adjustment, the adjustment angle can up to 240°.
    • 5°,10°, 20°, 30°, 60°lens available, can meet the demand of professional light distribution. The projection distance can up to 500meters if use 5°lens.
    • Easy install and maintenance.
    • Instant start, no noise, no flash.

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